Every player in the majors is about bad strike calls, But Bautista gets longer than his share.

To this point this season(Excluding Monday game), Bautista has brought 16 called strikes on 94 pitches outside the strike zone, 2.5 around the average player, In order to Baseball Info Solutions, A firm that  wholesale hats collects and analyzes data from every bigleague game.

The company staff of video scouts chart every pitch using an automatic strike zone analogous to the Pitch F/X system used in every majorleague stadium.


Last season Bautista garnered 2.4 more bad strike calls than the average player, In 2011 he seen 10 more, And in his large 2010, He won four more.

Bautista has been belittled this year for how he reacts to perceived bad strike calls.

His own frank facts have only fanned the flames.

I have trouble more than other players dealing with my production undergoing someone else mediocrity, He told reporters earlier this year.

Since he has been dealing with more bad calls than most more than three seasons now, Perhaps his discontent is growing.

May be a build up of frustration over the last three years, Cited Scott Spratt, The record analyst who compiled the data snapback caps  for the Star.

But the numbers are adequately sized to pique curiousity and give some credence to Bautista complaints.

Is actually a trend, Spratt alleged. We haven done enough groundwork leaguewide to see how unique this is to Bautista.... I think there is plausible that what the numbers show is that umpires certainly aren treating him like a star, If do you know what I mean. That not at all the case for the twotime homerun champ, Who has hit more homers than virtually any player since 2010.

But when he was offered the numbers, Bautista showed little interest charges.

Wouldn even arent able to judge those results because I don know their system, He was quoted saying.

On top of, Bautista said he not in order to build a case for himself.

Not trying to brew a war between me and umpires. I know they have a difficult job and I not saying it easy. But all at once, When you feel that sometimes atbats go the other way because of everthing, It hard to relieve. But it a part of the game so I just got to get good at it.

These people, Using the stats compiled for this story, The last time Bautista actually received fewer bad strike calls than the average player was four yrs ago, In the 2009.

I came up the norm was that for veteran players the strike zone was more adjusted than what it is in this is. There are times for rookies in slowplaying games, Late at the tables, Highscoring games borderline calls not in cheap hats   favor of rookies, In general. Photographs came up, That was an expected standard. I haven seen a positive change in my strike zone as I gotten more years in the big leagues. I don know if folk have gone away from that, But that how it was when I came up.