Vibratory plates Features: Vibrating plate compactor is mainly applied to reinforce the cohesion and the friction between the small material particles, such as river sand, gravel and asphalt. The main operating parameters of vibrating plates are: working flat bottom surface area, the whole quality, exciting force and vibration frequency. Under normal circumstances, with a specification of the floor area of ​​mobile jzm500 electric concrete mixer with hoist the tablet are similar, so flat rammer mainly affected by the performance of the whole quality, exciting force and the excitation frequency. Exciting force is mainly used to maintain the material being compacted forced vibration; and excitation frequency efficiency and reinforce the impact of consolidating the extent that at the same excitation force, the higher the excitation frequency, reinforce the efficiency and compactness high. Vibrating plate compactor must maintain a certain jump jump height at work, generally between 0.4-0.8mm. Vibrating plate compactor when it reaches the same exciting force, plate compactor operating frequency, the less it needs vibrating mass and thus the more its light overall quality. However, since most of the plate compactor uses a gasoline engine as a power source, while the gasoline engine can withstand the vibration is limited, so the higher the frequency, the higher the demand of its isolation, and thus the technical requirements of the various components is higher. The internal combustion engine plate compactor Structure Provided by the internal combustion engine (gasoline and diesel) power Automatic clutch from shock transmitted by the belt body, Rotation have a strong impact movable concrete batching plant price force of the engine speed to achieve the foundation compaction operations. According to the size of the engine power into different models, It is also possible to reinforce the force from shock body size into the model Internal combustion plate ram works: Internal combustion engine vibration through the clutch, pulleys, drive eccentric, eccentric bottom and fastened together, you can change the direction of rotation of the eccentric block vibration. Vibration can be achieved this way forward, backward place between vibration to vibration stepless adjustment.